64th Annual Meeting of the Hugo Obermaier Society – Poster Presentations

Amelia Bargallo, M. Gema Chacón, Francesca Romagnoli, Bruno Gómez de Soler, Juan Ignacio Martin-Viveros, Manuel Vaquero, Palmira Saladié & Josep Vallverdú
Identifying Neanderthals knappers in the Abric Romani rockshelter

Guido Bataille & Yvonne Tafelmaier
Nach dem Spiel ist vor dem Spiel – New Palaeolithic field projects in the Ach Valley in the Swabian Jura (southwestern Germany)

Dennis Thomas Batz & Jürgen Richter
The Magdalenian open-air site of Bad Kösen-Lengefeld faces its final field season – overview and outlook

Lisa Bauer, Merlin Hattermann, Marcel Bradtmöller, Marcel El-Kassem & João Marreiros
Blanks and chunks – analysis of the lithic assemblage of the Middle to Upper Paleolithic site of Feldberg “Steinacker”

Guillaume Berton, Cláudia Costa, João Cascalheira & Nuno Bicho
Lion (Panthera leo ssp.) in European Upper Palaeolithic: insights from Vale Boi assemblage

Helena Dalager, Sofie F. Hellerøe, Shumon T. Hussain & Felix Riede
New finds and insights from islands at the edge of the world – did stranded whales attract Final Palaeolithic foragers to northern Jutland during the Allerød?

Leonor Filipe, Anna Rufà, Joana Belmiro, João Cascalheira & Célia GonçalvesInterpreting fire structure use through mammal remains: preliminary results from the Cabeço da Amoreira shell midden

Mikel Díaz-Rodríguez, Arturo de Lombera-Hermida, Xosé Pedro Rodríguez-Álvarez, Ramón Fábregas-Valcarce, Hugo Bal-García, Tania Mosquera-Castro & Xes Aldea-Moreiraz
Decoding the Middle/Upper Palaeolithic Transition in NW Iberia: Insights from the site of Cova Eirós

Mikel Díaz-Rodríguez, Felix Riede & Trine Kellberg Nielsen
Comparing spatio-temporal dynamics of Neanderthals and Anatomically Modern Humans in the Cantabrian Region of the Iberian Peninsula

Viktoria Fries, Janos Puschmann, Jürgen Richter, Andreas Maier & Patrick Roberts
Isotope analysis of animal teeth from the Magdalenian site of Bad Kösen-Lengefeld

Rebecca Gnau & Jürgen Richter
High-resolution analysis of the central hearth at the Magdalenian site of Bad Kösen- Lengefeld

Florian Gumboldt, Jürgen Richter, Andreas Maier & Carsten Münker
Isotopic analysis of faunal remains from Neanderthal sites in central and southern Germany – an outlook

Robin John
Just the tip of the Iceberg? An in-depth investigation of lithic projectile morphology during the Upper Paleolithic in Europe

Diego Lombao & Armando Falcucci
Blade and Bladelet Cores in the Protoaurignacian: A New Method for Measuring Reduction Intensity

Valentina Lubrano, Ruth Blasco, Florent Rivals, Jordi Rosell & Anna Rufà
How to identify standards of Neanderthal short-term occupations in cave environments? Zooarchaeological and taphonomic preliminary results of Teixoneres Cave unit III

Cristian Micó Sanchis, Felipe Cuartero, Javier Llamazares, Pablo Sañudo, Luis Zalbideia, Florent Rivals & Ruth Blasco
Testing the effectiveness of horse teeth as retouchers: a preliminary characterisation of the use wear traces

Thijs Karens, A.G. Henry & V. Fogliano
Foods from the Forest: A Nutritional Analysis of Wild Plant Foods Used by the Baka Forager-Horticulturalists in Southeastern Cameroon

Keiko Kitagawa, Daniel Burger-Völlmecke & Felix Riede
Paleolithic occupations in the Lahn Valley of Central Germany: New Dates from Wildscheuer and Wildweiberlei

Ella Quante, Peter Frenzel & Anna Pint
Nonmarine Ostracoda as proxies in Geoarchaeology

José Ramón Rabuñal, María Soto, Juan Ignacio Morales, Diego Lombao, Miguel Soares- Remiseiro, Juan Luis Fernández-Marchena, Gala García-Argudo, Felix Riede & Josep Vallverdú
The Late Glacial sequence of Cova de Les Borres and the emergence of Epipalaeolithic geometric microliths in Eastern Iberia

Hannah Rausch, Ottmar Kullmer, Joao Marreiros, Lisa Schunk, Walter Gneisinger & Ivan Calandra
An experimental approach on dynamic Occlusal Fingerprint Analysis to simulate use-wear development and localisation on Palaeolithic stone tools

Felix Riede, Isobel Wisher & Ester Oras
Revisiting the Final Palaeolithic site of Mühlheim-Dietesheim (Hessen, Germany)

Florian Sauer & Joel Orrin
CoDEx 2022: Cologne Digital Excavation protocol. Latest advances and experiences

Lisa Schunk, Marcel Weiss & Andrzej Wiśniewski
Early human occupation of Central Europe: Reassessing Racibórz Studzienna 2 – a Middle Pleistocene site in the Oder River Valley, Poland

Antje Schwalb, Thomas Terberger, Felix Bittmann, Gianpiero Di Maida, Katharina Dulias, Michael Hein, Deepak Kumar, Tobias Lauer, Dirk Leder, Falko Malis, Neda Rahimzadeh, David C. Tanner, Martin Theuerkauf, Sumiko Tsukamoto, Brigitte Urban, Sebastian Wagner, Jutta Winsemann & Marcel Weiss
Climate Change and Early Humans in the North

Giulia Toniato & Yvonne Tafelmaier
From the Magdalenian to the Early Mesolithic: reconstructing palaeoenvironmental changes and human activities through macrofaunal remains at Kohlhau-Abri, southwestern Germany

Peter Yaworsky, Shumon T. Hussain & Felix Riede
The Human Niche Space of Late Upper Paleolithic Europe