§ 1 The Hugo Obermaier Research Grant comprises an amount of 5000 € and is awarded biennially.

§ 2 The fund for the first four grants was donated by Hertha Halter. The Hugo Obermaier Research Grant 2016 is donated by Dr. Wolfram Freudenberg, Stuttgart.

§ 3 The grant is addressed to Master students and doctoral candidates, who want to carry out their own project. The endowment is intended to be used for material expenditure.

§ 4 Applicants can be of any nationality. A membership in the Hugo Obermaier Society is not mandatory.

§ 5 Applications must follow the guidelines of the announcement and should be addressed to the President of the Society.

§ 6 Theawarding is decided by the management board.


Should be in German or English and contains

  • thematic description of the planned excavation or research project
  • work schedule, a financial plan and a timetable (not more than 5 pages)
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • list of the candidate's scientific publications
  • in case of excavation projects the written consent of the responsible authority (e.g. Denkmalpflege in Germany)

Guidelines/ Schedule

  • Final date for submission of applications is 31st of January 2020, the decision on the awarding is made by the management board during the autumn-meeting.
  • The funding is restricted to the year of the awarding. In exceptional cases and after consultation with the management board, it can also be used in the following year.
  • The official announcements and presentation of the grant takes place at the annual meeting of the Society.
  • First results should be presented by the awardee on the annual meeting after the year of awarding.
  • The final report, particularly the accounting, should be submitted until the 31st December of the year following the awarding.
  • The awardees are encouraged to publish the results of their project. The publication should contain a reference to the funding by the Society.