HOGward – Hugo Obermaier Research Grant 2024

For the ninth time, the Hugo Obermaier Society announces its research award endowed with

5,000 Euro.

In accordance with the aims of the Society, the intention of this biennially awarded grant is the promotion of projects within the context of Palaeolithic, Mesolithic or Quaternary research. This includes excavations, dating projects or material analyses, which preferably should be conducted interdisciplinary. The endowment is intended to be used for material expenditure and addresses both master students and doctoral candidates, who will be enabled to carry out their own research project with the help of the grant. The Hugo Obermaier Research Grant is not intended to be an addition to existing grants.

Applications should be in German or English and include a thematic description of the planned research project, a work schedule, financial plan and timetable (not more than 5 pages), a curriculum vitae and a list of the candidate’s scientific publications. The formal feasibility of excavation projects should be attested by the written consent of the responsible authority (e.g., Denkmalpflege in Germany). Applications should be sent as PDF files to:


You will find further details here.

Official announcement of the awardee will take place at the Annual Meeting of the Society in 2024 in Weimar. The Society expects the beneficiary to present preliminary results of the project at the Society’s annual meeting in 2025.

Final date for submitting your application is October 31st, 2023.